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To a true pursuit of happiness, fortitude, fight to live and a will. 
Liu Marc Anthony 刘 马克 安东尼 from the delivery room till what you may see today, everybody said  that Marc Anthony  is  a  king, special and  gifted. From  getting 1st and second place international Martial Arts tournament competitor to headlining; singing for over 18,000 people to films with Oscar and Golden Globe nominations. Of South India, Arawak and Chinese decent. Liu, Marc Anthony lineage traces all the way to Liu Bang, Emperor Gaozu of Han 漢高祖 of 256 BC, Han dynasty. Marc Anthony sang since he was 12 and a soccer (football) prodigy along with Kung Fu at age 5. Many would have liked him to do gymnastic Olympics since he got up and walked a 7 months, which by today standards are still rarely seen.

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